Chorotegas Surf School of Costa Rica, is a Nosara favorite for both tourists and locals.  Owned and operated by Nosara local Tanallo Garcia.  Become part of the Chorotegas family today!

Meet the Chorotegas Family


Tanallo Garcia

Owner / Instructor

Welcome to Chorotegas! I am a Nosara native, born and raised across the street from Rancho Tico. I am one of the first to graduate high school in Nosara with a diploma.  

I’ve been surfing for over 25 years and teaching for 11 years. I love to share surfing with everyone I meet, and that’s why most of my friends call me #1. Sharing my culture and surf with Chorotegas’ clients and friends is what I love most in life (besides Kirsten and our son Jonás). I’m so excited to help you on your surf journey, whether beginner or pro-status! 

Milton Obando, aka Pincho


Hola, my name is Milton Obando, aka Pincho.  Ask me what Pincho means when you come, and you will laugh! My passion is surfing, and I am proud to also be part of the Nosara Surf Team.  In my free time, I also love to skate and go dirtbiking enduro. 

I have been surfing for 4 years, and that’s how I met Tanallo and the Chorotegas crew.  I have been working with them for over two years, and I love their system of education. I can feel the good vibes and the love we share with everyone that comes to surf with us! My wish for my work with Chorotegas is to offer our clients great quality service, so they feel happy, progress in surf, and love their experience with Chorotegas Surf School.  I have been meeting a lot of people, clients that become friends, and that is so special and makes me want to teach more people how to surf and progress more and more!

Eduardo Rojas


Hola! I am Eduardo Rojas, a passionate surfer born in Venezuela and based in Nosara, Costa Rica. I discovered surfing at a very young age through my father, and my passion for surfing has never ceased.

I moved to Costa Rica in 2015 in search of better waves and a lifestyle more dedicated to surfing. This devotion to the sport has brought me to many places and has allowed me to live a healthy life in a beautiful place like Nosara. It has also introduced me to surf coaching. My interest in teaching surfing started in 2017, during my junior year in High School. By teaching more and more wonderful students from different parts of the world, I realized that this is what I want to do for a living. Working at Chorotegas Surf School has made me realize this as well! My main goal when I teach surfing is to provide a compelling surf learning experience while keeping it fun and enjoyable. Learning how to surf can be a life changing experience if it is taught right. I have always wanted to make people laugh and have a good time when they are learning, but when it comes to the theory and the steps for surfing, I try to be as concise and easy to understand as possible. Teaching is a challenge. Every person is different and receives information in a relatively distinct way, but watching my students progress is always very gratifying, and that is what I always seek! 

Jackson Urbina


Hola!  My name is Jackson. I started working at Chorotegas after I finished high school because I love to help others, take surf videos and photography, and I love practicing my English!  In my free time, I also play soccer.  I’m the guy you will see at the “office” board cage / surf shack doing anything that needs to be done with a smile on my face.  I love what I do, meeting new people, and helping our clients! Pura vida!

Kirsten & Jonás

Chorotegas #1 Family

We are part of the Chorotegas Surf Crew as Tanallo’s family!  I am the English translator extraordinaire, part-time Chorotegas secretary, and full-time photographer in Nosara.  Originally from Golden, Colorado, I moved to Nosara after falling in love with Nosara and Tanallo back in 2014, and the rest is history.

Jonás is our son, and we love coming by the beach and surf shop to meet everyone!  We are happy to help our clients have the best experience possible with recommendations, smiles, and good vibes! 


How to Find Us

Chorotega’s Surf School is located on the Mamma Rosa Resort property.